Value Proposition, Branding and Design Workshops

Through a number of workshops, we offer the possibility to explore key topics important in the development of your business and its communication. We will ensure that you have a complete understanding of what it is you need to do, as well as demonstrate the benefits of ‘making it happen’. Pick and choose from the below options.


Benefit of workshops

This workshop method gives us the opportunity to really get to know you and your business, which is crucial for us to visualize the best identity for your business. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and our approach to businesses, and ask any questions that come up throughout the process.

The workshops have been designed to support you in developing a clear vision for your business and aligning your vision with that of your business’ visual expression.

Through these workshops you may discover and better understand:

  1. the true impetus behind the formation of your business. Including the values it is built upon, the success factors of the business, and how it aligns with your true purpose.
  2. your target market: gaining clarity on the offering that your business provides and how that aligns with the needs, wants and challenges of your identified real target audience, as well as communicate the benefits of the service.
  3. Design: based on the above two workshops, we are happy to take you through our thinking and proposal for design elements that will be in line with and serve your business from a design perspective.

What is discovered throughout these workshops will also be of benefit in terms of working with various other service providers that you may work with in the future. What is developed in these workshops can be used as a defined direction and a ‘standard’ in the development of all communication. We are also happy to do research for you on content marketing ideas that your potential customers may be interested in learning about…by visiting your website where they can find relevant information on a topic. (This step is in line with the ‘platform business model’, where your website serves multiple target audiences. Find out more about this by contacting us!)

Brand Exploration Workshop

1:1 Brand Exploration Workshop | Workshop Duration 60 min

Investment €90

  • In this workshop delivered  through zoom I would take you through a number of questions that will support me in understanding your needs, wants and expectations for the project.
  • What we will be aiming to discover here is your clarity on the following aspects of your business: The purpose of your business, the  value your business brings, who you currently or want to deliver that value to, your positioning within your industry.
  • After this workshop I will be able to support you in choosing ways of moving forward.

In our explorations, if it is discovered that further clarity or exploration on the core is needed before the design process can begin. There are a two directions in which we can go:

Brand Exploration Follow-up Option 1: Supported discovery

Working with Benedek and/or Cat on developing required areas of brand strategy. We can facilitate bespoke workshops in the following areas

  • Value Proposition Design (target market and your offering): Design of who your customers could / should ideally be; design of your strategy on the market you are competing on; design of the right business model; and perhaps the design of how you want to grow your business and yourself – understanding who you are and what matters to you most. Benefit: you will come out of this workshop equipped with knowing who your customers are and how you can serve them…feeding into designing your website properly to meet their needs.
  • Brand Positioning Purpose, Core Values, Vision and Mission

These are priced at different levels depending on requirement, but range from €200 to €450.

Brand Exploration Follow-up Option 2: Self-discovery

Once we have established the areas of your strategy that need clarity, you may then choose to develop these in your own time, before continuing on your journey with us.

Option 1: Brand and Visual Identity Design Lite

Brand Questionnaire | Logo Design & Visual Identity Mood board | Brand Assets

Investment: €400

  • Cat will send you a branding questionnaire for you to fill out and send back, and will develop your logo and branding in accordance with the information you provide.
  • Cat will present the logo design and a visual identity mood board to you via zoom for approval, this will serve as the direction for your website redesign
  • Cat will also share your new brand assets with you, i.e logo files in all relevant formats, fonts, and colour codes with a brand guidelines document.

Option 2: Branding and Visual Identity Design Comprehensive

1:1 Brand Strategy Workshop | Workshop Duration 90min  

Brand and Visual Identity Design | Design Direction | Brand  and Visual Identity Vision board | Brand Assets

Investment €900


Step 1: Brand Strategy Workshop

  • In this workshop delivered  through Zoom, I will take you through a number of questions that will support me in understanding your needs and wants, and how best to communicate these visually through your brand and visual identity.
  • On completion of the workshop, I would then take our findings and develop a design direction for your branding and visual identity, taking into consideration your competitors, and industry best practices.
  • I will then deliver this via a visual presentation for your consideration through Zoom, (approx. 45 mins). Once a design direction has been agreed upon, we can then move onto developing your branding.


Step 2: Brand and Visual Identity Design

  • This step includes the development of your branding and logo.
  • This will include the design of all elements of your visual identity including typography, colour palette, imagery and iconography delivered through the medium of a vision board.
  • Your logo and visual strategy will be presented to show how your brand could be applied to various applications i.e stationary, trade show stands, social media platforms, literature and your website.
  • I will then deliver this via a visual presentation for your consideration through Zoom, approx. 45 mins.
  • We can then make any revisions necessary and I will deliver all brand assets to you (see below)


Step 3: Sharing Brand Assets

  • Delivered via shared Google Drive Folder (Investment included in price mentioned above)
  • Logo (in all print-ready and web-ready formats).
  • Fonts (fonts will be sent in a folder ready to download for your own usage).
  • Colours (CMYK (print) and RGB / HEX codes (web) provided)
  • Icons (if applicable) in an appropriate format.

Option 3: Brand Application

Investment dependent on materials required.

During this step your brand is applied to various online and printed materials

  • Stationary: business cards, letterheads, compliment slips.
  • Brochures
  • Supporting documents
  • PPT Sales Deck Template
  • Social Media Templates
  • Trade stands
  • Product Labels


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