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Brand Clarity & Direction

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The Dovetail Process


Brand Clarity & Direction

Your thoughts:

‘I have a great business idea that I am really passionate about but I am unsure of where to start on the process. I am not sure if I have everything I need to start communicating my offering.’

How we can work together…

Option 1


We will provide a thought-through questionnaire and worksheet to think about your brand, and you get to work on it on your own. This is beneficial for people who are fully aware of what they do and why they do it. If, on the other hand you would welcome a couple of external eyes and ears to ask you thought provoking questions before you answer the questionnaire, we wholeheartedly recommend to go for option 2.

Option 2

Facilitated workshops

We help you through the process and arrive at well formulated thoughts that can be used, when designing your brand and/or your website. With this option, you can be sure that new perspectives and insights will come to light in your thinking about your business.

We can facilitate bespoke workshops in the following areas:

/ Value Proposition Design (target market and your offering): Design of who your customers could / should ideally be;design of your strategy on the market you are competing on; design of the right business model; and perhaps the design of how you want to grow your business and yourself – understanding who you are and what matters to you most. Benefit: you will come out of this workshop equipped with knowing who your customers are and how you can serve them…feeding into designing your website properly to meet their needs.

/ Brand Positioning Purpose, Core Values, Vision and Mission


Get clarity on the following aspects of your business in a master document:




Target Audience

Offering Presentation


2 weeks +


Option 1: Starts at €200 ex. VAT

Option 2: Starts at €450 ex.VAT


Brand Design

Website Design


Brand & Visual Identity Design

Your thoughts:

‘I have done a lot of work on getting my business together, I am clear on my vision, purpose and goals and know the people I want to serve. Everything I need to know is in my head, and I am ready to share this. I have expectations and am ready to receive your expertise and guidance on where to start.’

…or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

12 + 2 =


This package includes design & delivery of the following:

Design Direction

Branding and Logo

Visual Style

Brand Guidelines

Complete Brand Assets


3 weeks +


Starts at €600 ex VAT


Website Design


Website Design

Your thoughts:

‘I know exactly what I want to achieve by working with Dovetail, am ready to answer the important questions to create the most effective solutions so that I can communicate with those I wish to serve. I have all information needed ready in a comprehensive document and am ready to share this. I am ready to receive your expertise and guidance and start the design process.’

…or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

14 + 12 =


This package includes design & delivery of the following:

Prototype & design in Adobe XD

Top industry standard

Prioritising User Experience

Provoking Call to Actions

Build and development ready


4 weeks +


Starts at €800 ex VAT


Brand Exploration

Brand Design


The Design Process


Discussion of the purpose, objectives and expectations of the project. Acquaintance with your strategy, product/ service and its features. Outline investment.


Analysis of your strategy, evaluating next steps. Search for references and case studies and develop design direction.


Developing your brand design direction.


Prototype: Creation of blueprints and wireframes for your wesbite


Design of the vision for your brand including a complete styles cape, including logo, typography, colour palette, messaging, tone of voice, iconography, imagery and visual models.


Solidifying process of design roll out. Building and developing your website.


Delivery of all brand assets, guidelines, onboarding, etc.


Reflect and evaluate the success of the project.


You are ready to launch your new brand and we celebrate your success!




A guided discovery journey

The process

In this workshop delivered through zoom (or in person, location dependant) Cat guides you through a number of questions that will support us in understanding the requirements of your brand.

– Through this in-depth workshop Cat will then be able to identify your project needs,, and will gain insight into how best to communicate your needs visually through your brand and visual identity.

What you receive

On completion of the workshop Cat takes the findings and creates a master document that will contain your brand insights & strategy and share this with you.

What happens next?

We consider the best next steps for your project.

Usually we would move into the creative brand and visual identity design process.




The perfect brand & vision for you & your business.

The process

Begin by clarifying your brands purpose, personality, positioning, target audience.

Case study research and design direction development.

Brand Design: This will include the design of all elements of your visual identity including; typography, colour palette, imagery and iconography delivered through the medium of a vision board, where you will see several sample implementations of new messaging and visual style.

Review, feedback, amendments & delivery of brand assets and style guidelines.

Brand assets include: logo suites (CMYK & RGB), brand guidelines, fonts, colours (CMYK & RGB), icons, etc.

What you receive

You receive an aesthetically pleasing, timeless, memorable, versatile , enduring, and appropriate custom brand, that is perfectly suited to your business, and communicates the appropriate message to your target audience, in accordance to industry standard and best practise.

What happens next?

We consider the best next steps for your project.

We may create brand materials or move onto designing your website.




A fully customed design website

The process

We begin the design phase of the website. Client to provide all copy and imagery for website pages unless otherwise requested. I can provide stock imagery if required.

I first prepare scamps (hand drawings) and then wireframes (which are electronically produced plans/ blueprints for the website (void of design until planning is complete).

It is integral that the website design is completed and prototyped before the website build can commence, to ensure that the build runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and this is a matter of best practice. This allows us to have full control over the look and feel of the website and ensure that every eventuality has been considered before the building phase.

The website design is produced with a program called Abode XD, which is the industry standard in website design. This software will allow us to review the design and see how it will look before it has been built through WordPress.

What you receive

You receive a purposeful, visually pleasing, appropriate website design, crafted in the style of your visual identity, created with a strategic approach to layout and hierarchy, user experience, engaging call to actions, customer journey, and in accordance to industry standard and best practice.

Next steps

Website assets (all design elements) handed over to Benedek to begin your website development and build.

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