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Lead your business to success

Many business relationships remain transactional and shallow – leading to less than satisfactory end results. Why? The true intent and motivator of the owner remains hidden during collaboration between the service providers and the business owner(s). We want to avoid this pitfall by applying coaching style communication and collaboration. As a professionally trained and ICF accredited business coach, Benedek can help you explore personal topics that may be influencing your business greatly. Most of the time, our professional lives are intertwined with our personal lives, making up our whole personality, that in turn has a profound impact on how you, as a leader / owner of your business lead your business to success (or chasing irrealistic goals).

By coaching you first on relevant topics, we ensure that our work is not a ‘do this, then that’ kind of job, rather a serious effort to understand the person – You – behind the intent, and getting You to your next best version – whatever that may be. Yes, this is an added very important ‘goodie’ that most outsourced service providers and freelancers don’t care about. We do. Why? Because this ensures a deeper understanding on both sides about why we are doing whatever it is we are recommending or applying something when working on your business strategy, design and general competitiveness.

business growth coaching dovetail


Coaching can be geared towards business growth as well



An understanding of your core skills, abilities, personality traits and how all these come together and support you to reach a job (either employed or running your own business) that is based on your strengths, ambitions, abilities, skills and personality traits.  (What a strange feeling this will be… 🙂



We can formulate your own personal Unique Selling Point which is the key to personal branding, and selling yourself with your given skills, abilities and interests.  Most people have very little idea as to what they could give to the world, that others actually want. In other words what their own successful business model (and marketing model) looks like. Are you one of those people?



You may even walk out of such a coaching session armed with a specific plan to achieve your dream job or your new business.

While coaching is not a solution for all problems, many of today’s business leadership and people management challenges come from our hard-wired personalities, values, beliefs and assumptions. These, if brought to a conscious level, can be viewed and changed for the better.

Some of the topics may include:

how you see yourself within your business

– how you see your business

– why are you passionate about the services / products you provide your customers

– what is your personal story that is important to know about and that makes you more grounded in your daily ways of working

– who do you want to serve, as customers (and how can they connect with you on an emotional level?)

– what are your fears, concerns, hopes, ambitions that are at play whenever you think about leading and running your business?

– How do your goals and vision matter to you

…and many, more subtle, yet important elements.

Coaching could be the foundation you need to get going on a topic you have long been thinking about; or the bridge between your current self and your future self (who you want to become).

business growth coaching dovetail

Life purpose coaching

Create a thriving business

(Re)design your lifestyle

Find the goal behind your goal

A space to slow down and think

Establish your dream job

Career coaching

Exploring career paths

Career progression


Rejoining the job market


design great Value Propositions

think about your business model design

understand your customers’ real needs

lead your business…even better

Communication coaching

Improving self confidence

Staying grounded

Presentation skills

Boundary setting

Asking for what you need

LinkedIn profile coaching

Exploring career paths

Compiling a CV that will get you hired

See yourself in a new way…get that promotion

Get new clients or a better job

Avail yourself to new opportunities

Team coaching

As a team coach, my goal is to enable your team to:

– Renew itself and generate new concepts

– Trust in an envisaged, common future

– Articulate the goal that all team members are willing and able to work towards

– Swing into action, based on set-out plans

– Establish a new kind of culture for relationships

– Establish and keep up a new kind of modus operandi (way of working)

…and your team members to:

– Build up and create new motivation and abilities

– Establish new feelings and enjoy new experiences

– Build a new kind of quality within relationships

– Strengthen resources and self-esteem, self-respect

– Reform and develop the life of the team

In numbers

Coaching Hours

People helped through L&D

Entrepreneurs helped

“My time working with Benedek has been invaluable. I was in a transition time with both life and business in 2020, and had way more questions than answers. While I felt like I was good at being aware enough to the problem that needed to be resolved, it was Benedek’s coaching that really supported me to come up with so many incredible a-ha’s, new awareness, and solutions that felt aligned and exciting. Each session I’d come in with my “thing I’m trying to figure out”, and his skill of deeply listening and exploring what is most relevant and important to me is what always served me to create a powerful outcome of our session, and big shifts in awareness and life in general. I now know the business and career I want, how I want it to balance with my family life, and how it plays into the big picture of how I want to show up and serve others. Benedek is great at helping you dig deep and uncover the real meaning and intention behind what you want, and I always leave our sessions feeling heard, understood and accomplished.” –Paula Haubrich, Certified Professional Coach, Lead Your Way Coaching Inc.

“I was stuck in a static position for a long time and knew I should already have something on the ‘table’, but didn’t dare to decide on things which were only starting to be articulated inside me.  I didn’t know how to proceed and progress, and whether I was heading in the right direction at all. During the Business Model You training Benedek held, I learned a lot about myself in a new way, and could understand the way to the ‘dream job’ finally.  Also, when we put down the basics to paper, my coach (Benedek) showed me several practical things to do to progress – such as my new LinkedIn profile, how to do my CV in an attractive way, etc., which all brought me closer to my goal.  I met a very direct, empathetic, yet highly rational person.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Benedek.” – Dori

Benedek worked with me in the elaboration of a Business Plan to introduce TropicOiL’s products in Europe. Ben’s experience and knowledge of the European market, his ability to see the big picture and his marketing and strategy skills were decisive in the shaping of a (Winner) Business plan that was chosen by the University of Oxford to represent it at the Moot Corp Business plan competition in Austin (Texas). I am very happy to recommend Ben as I consider him to be a very pro-active, passionate/committed and result’s oriented team player. I hope I will work with him again in the future.– Jose Andres Diaz, Director at IC Fundacion

“I have found very useful and enjoyable working with Benedek. His open style and practical approach helped me open up and speak freely about my own feelings and experience in a situational context. These conversations made me understand my ‘focus areas’ in a deep and meaningful way, and helped me realise the importance of addressing them to avoid unnecessary stress and raise the ‘feel-good’ factor in work/private life. We have worked on topics such as perfectionism, assertive communications and open and inclusive approach with others. I particularly liked that we used LSI and Berne’s Transaction Analysis (TA) models quite frequently during the sessions. I have found especially Berne’s TA very interesting read into understanding certain attitudes and what needs to be done to change them.” – Peter

“I expressed my need for coaching, as I felt depressed and unsuccessful in my position. I had a feeling that I didn’t add value to the processes, just to do the requests. I had many conflicts with other departments, which were generated because of miscommunication. My main goal was to improve my communication skill and proactivity to make my cooperation smoother with other departments. After each session, I tried to apply new approaches, change my behaviour, step by step. After a while I felt slight changes in the communication of my counterparties which motivated me to keep up changing my behaviour. Nowadays, I feel more confident communicating and expressing my ideas in front of a wider audience. Besides communication, I set up project management as an additional goal – managing projects by advising solutions, influencing and motivating others to reach the projects’ goals. Thanks to Benedek and to the applied changes in my behaviour, I have more self-confidence expressing my views, ideas, motivating and working with co-workers to deliver projects and deliver presentations in front of a wider audience. Looking at mid-term, I hope that I will have opportunity to work together with Benedek and to develop further myself.” – George

“With his questions and observations, Benedek has allowed me to recognise some of my unconscious beliefs that were holding me back. He has helped me realize how to overcome those beliefs and move forward. ” – Fiona


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