Dovetail is a visual development studio that takes pride in creating beautiful & meaningful work…

The Dovetail Team

Through creative and tailored design, and innovative website developemt, we support you in aligning the visual expression of your business with your true purpose, so that you resonate with those you can help.

Dovetail is the result of a harmonious business partnership between Cat Maher, Designer & Consultant (IE) and Benedek Frank, Coach & Developer (HU).

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Consultant & Designer

Cat Maher.

My purpose is  to support those who are passionate about their business and have developed a valuable product and/or service, and wish to present this to the world, so that those who can truly benefit will resonate with what you do and who you are, and what you can provide. I love to help those who I work with to communicate and represent this through expert, tailor-made, branding and website design that best aligns with your true audience.  I enjoy building relationships with those who work with us.

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My name is Cat. I am from the beautiful County of Laois in Ireland, and have recently nestled into the equally beautiful County Carlow, after spending a year travelling in Spain and Portugal. I am lucky that I can work from anywhere in the world, but at least for now, I am blessed to work from home, which is a traditional Irish cottage, surrounded by stunning nature. and the view from my desk is my garden where I get to watch it become decimated by small bunnies. 



I graduated with a 1:1, First Class Honours in BAhons) in Design in Visual Communications (AIT) in 2012, also receiving The Caoimhe Fredrick Memorial award for the student graduating with the highest final grade. in 2014 I graduated with a 1:1, First Class Honours in  MA In Professional Design Practise (DIT), both with first class honours. 

Throughout my professional career, I have also participated in many design workshops, summer schools and conferences. 


Professional Background

I have worked in a number of professional and senior design roles in Ireland and Europe, including, the arts sector, publishing and B2B communications over the past 10 years. Some companies that I have been a part of are Maverick Intl, Lidl, Messenger, Laois Arthouse, Alarcon Criado. I began my own business Cida Design Co in 2019 and developed a business partnership with Benedek in November 2020.

Business Coach & Website Developer

Benedek Frank.

I reside in Budapest, Hungary and work as an ICF accredited PCC level coach, soft-skills trainer, busines model and marketing strategy consultant, as well as being a website builder. I work with international clients throughtout my various professional activities and strongly believe in life-long learning. I began my professional career at advertising agencies (as an Account Director) and then moved into the Learning and Development space. In-between these two paths, I followed my dream and completed an MBA at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

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I am an ICF accredited, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with an extensive knowledge in marketing communication, as well as L&D (Learning and Development) related matters.

I have been coaching people from all walks of life for the past 8 years. I help others find their niche segments (target market coaching) or their dream careers (career coaching). Within organisations, I help team leaders and senior level leaders think about their leadership styles and where they are on their own journeys. Managing stress, setting up boundaries, saying ‘no’, being personally more effective, reaching coveted goals and having more balance between work and life are some of the most common topics we cover. I am also very proud to have developed multiple, award winning business plans for various entrepreneurs that helped those business founders go higher, reach further and achieve more financial success.

My way of working (within a coaching team setting) has been honoured by the International Coach Federation, which awarded us the Prism Award for 2019, as a team, for our past two years’ efforts in making an organisation more successful through coaching. The Prism Award celebrates organizational coaching programs that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture, and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts.

I did began my career in advertising, where I worked for the initial 8 years of my career so far. Marketing to this day is something I cherish, and can help my clients get to know more about it by working together and letting them know tips and tricks, ways of working and ways of thinking that bring about solid results. Perhaps the most important of all it that I learned to think with the minds of the customers instead of the company’s internal marketing department. With this kind of thinking, I can help you think of and find benefits instead of features for your products and services, allowing your business to define its authentic Unique Selling Proposition.

I came across Business Model Generation as a book some years ago. I liked it so much that I invested my time and energy into becoming a trained Business Model Innovation trainer and consultant (trained by Alex Osterwalder from Strategyzer), able to facilitate business model workshops with client organisations. I can quickly map out the ‘as is’ business model of your organization and create a ‘to be’ business model canvas, along with a value proposition canvas for targeting customers more effectively. The whole process is highly creative, visual and strategic thinking at the same time, and will make you see the flaws and possibilities of your business very quickly – to tweak it and make it sustainable in the long run. One of my favourite things to do is utilize the thinking of Business Model generation with an individual, and create a new career, with coaching tools (Business Model You coaching). My clients tend to find new meaning in their lives, ready to start a business (or a new career, based on a new kind of personal branding).

Online marketing strategy specialist: I understand the importance of content marketing, keyword research and the importance of having a website that customers can and will find easily to buy your products and services. I help my clients understand their own target markets and the interest of their customers much more deeply, and recommend a sound digital marketing strategy that will lure in more customers, quicker. I will also coach my customers to use the system and content marketing on their own.

Holistic business growth consultant: I call the above a ‘holistic business growth package’, as it helps organisations and individuals grow into something new, into something worthwhile.

Let’s do some good together…

Who we help


 You have lives to change, so it ’s time for a clear brand vision that makes you feel confident in your work & increase your impact on the world and in the lives of your clients

You are excited to collaborate and partner with an experienced, creative team and align with their values.

You are ready to be a part of crafting something original and beautiful.

You love what you do and you’ve grown your business to this point – and deep down you know you’re meant to do more.

You want to feel confident about communicating what you do to the people you serve

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How we help


we are ready to support you in ensuring that the people who you want to help resonate with you and can find you.

we work with collaborative partners, understand you and your business on a meaningful level

we use our knowledge, expertise and our passion for creativity and effectiveness to create the best solutions for you and your business.

we love what we do, which is to support those who’s mission is to serve others and be the the

we will support you in developing communications that give you a sense of pride, and that you and your customers connect with




dove·tail | \ ˈdəv-ˌtāl

The figurative and idiomatic meaning of “dovetail(ed)” means to cause to fit something together easily and conveniently. In other words, fit in, go together, match, conform, harmonise, and be in tune.

Our values

We believe in…


We work together, we respect and take everyone’s views and opinions into consideration. There is no hierarchy, we are all part of one team.


We endeavour act with honesty, honour, transperancy and truthfulness.



We encourage respectful, open and considered communication. We ensure that we bring presence and understanding to all exchanges.



We wish to leave our clients, and all who we come into contact with, with an impression of increase, and make valuable and just contributions to the world.


We endeavour to be masters of our crafts, as well as leaders and experts in our field, we commit to continuous personal and professional development.

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Laois, Ireland

Budapest, Hungary


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