Together we will…

Craft, design & build

your online identity & presence

…so you can resonate in the hearts of those you can help.

Together we will…

Craft, design & build your online identity & presence

…so you can resonate in the hearts of those you can help.

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Gain clarity on your strategy and offering


Increase visibility & stand out


Clearly express your value & credibility


Create seamless continuity through your business expressions


Communicate with intention & pride


Connect meaningfully with your audiences


Partner with team, invested in your success


Experience return on your investment

Featured Project

Brand & Website Design // Website Development

Crafting the perfect brand & online presence for a caring professional eager to provide to much needed service to their clients.


Creating a health clinic for patients with lingering, often undiagnosed or unidentified, yet very much sensible illnesses has always been a dream for Elaine Hogan. She began to visualise her plans in late 2020 and arrived at the foundation of The Limetree Clinic.  While her reputation and expertise has quickly gained popularity among potential patients, she was lacking a proper website to showcase her knowledge and herbal health related services.


When we began working with Elaine, a series of important conversations began to take shape: how she thinks about her own experience, having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease a number of years earlier, through her own challenges in getting the right treatment and finally arriving into the world of herbal health treatments. We needed to showcase her touching and very real story, and bring it ‘alive’ for her own target audience: potential patients who would like to finally get back to living a full and healthy life. Patients arriving to her business were often thinking that turning to an alternative health clinic is their last hope to become healthy again. The main challenge for us at Dovetail was the organisation of Elaine’s vast knowledge – both in terms of what someone goes through during their illness, as well as her ability to treat people effectively – into an informative, meaningful, well organised and aesthetically pleasing website.


Through a series of conversations with Elaine on her brand and her own experience and knowledge around the topic of health, we developed The Limetree Clinic’s website to reflect a logical, down-to-earth-toned, yet hope-providing style visually, while making sure that copy reflected everything a potential patient might want to know more about, before deciding to turn up for an initial consultation. The website also helped Elaine put her internal ‘mindmap’ onto a comprehendible digital platform that allows her to address multiple target audiences.

A tailored process

We work with you

We understand where you are

 We meet. We talk. We ask why.

 We listen. We advise. We consider.

The start of the process starts by understanding who you are and what you stand for. Designing anything that is creative, yet powerful in its impact for your customers requires a thorough introspection. This is our first step with you and this is why we are selective about who we work with. We aim to create a cohesive working partnership for the end-result to be successful.

Creating the vision

 We explore. We dig deeper.

 We get clarity. We understand.

Having a website has become the business card of the 21st century. Many people have one already; and a rather large portion of these websites lack a proper understanding and connection with their respective customers. Our added value is taking you through a fun, yet rigorous process that will help you discover your own vision and how that translates to valuable services or products for your customers and clients. This is necessary for the 3rd step: the creative process.

The creative process

 We visualise. We innovate.

 We create. We design. We develop.

Once we are both on the same page, we move onto the creative design process. Everything we produce always relates back to the purpose and vision of your business and is designed in accordance to industry best practise.

We are invested in the results

 We reflect. We evaluate.

 We learn. We improve. We support.

Nothing is ever perfect, and yet everything is. Within every opportunity there is space to learn and grow. You might discover that you are capable of providing a new kind of service or product for your customers; or that your newfound understanding of what your business stands for, lends itself to an even greater idea…and more revenues. Whatever the case, we like to think of ourselves as valuable partners on your journey.


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Formula for harmony

Be yourself. Embrace acceptance. Let go. Have compassion. Free yourself from stringent expectations.  Give and seek space. Priortise honest communication. 

We work with you.


Cat & Benedek was a joy to work with on my website. Coming from a space of not knowing the first thing about web design, content etc. They took total control, then step by step walked me through every stage & broke it down so it wasn’t totally overwhelming.  A joy to work with, I have my website complete, with zero stress. Check out

I would recommend working with Benedek to build your business and website, whole-heartedly. I was looking for a fully responsive eCommerce site, with database, Mailchimp subscription, coding of endless podcast and video content, provide a newsletter and email marketing facility and develop a coherent online booking and payment system. I needed an upgrade and re-design of my online presence; integrating my social media & to add new marketing tools. The list went on, as I needed SEO, based on content marketing research and possibly copywriting. I was also going to need some training how to maintain and update my website in future. I got all these things and more.

With his questions and observations, Benedek has allowed me to recognise some of my unconscious beliefs that were holding me back. He has helped me realize how to overcome those beliefs and move forward.  – Fiona

Cat has been amazing to work with over the past few months. I didn’t even have a business name when I started with Cat, her ideas and creative skills came to the fore to help me find one. She went over and above on many occasions to guide me on the right path. Her patience, kindness and compassion shine through every time I speak to her. The branding package Cida Design Co. offered was everything I could have dreamed of and more for my business – it truly captures the essence & sensitivity of everything I hope to achieve with hereafter.

Marie Ramsbottom, Founder & CEO of hereafter

I engaged the brand design services of Cat and the website design services of Benedek to revive our company website and I can highly recommend them. Cat’s expertise in brand design is evident through her thoughtful and creative approach. She takes the time to understand your brand and delivers visually stunning designs that capture its essence.

Benedek’s website design skills are top-notch. He creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His attention to detail and technical expertise ensures a seamless user experience.

Working with Cat and Benedek was a pleasure. They were responsive, collaborative, and attentive to my needs throughout the process all while maintaining their professionalism and dedication to delivering high-quality design.

If you’re seeking remarkable brand design and website development services, I highly recommend Cat and Benedek. They have the expertise and commitment to elevate your brand’s online presence.

 Claire from


Laois, Ireland

Budapest, Hungary


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